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Title: I microbi dell'ape regina (Apis mellifica L.) — La flora microbica del mesointestino
Authors: Vecchi, Maria Adelaide
Zambonelli, Carlo
Issue Date: 1962
Citation: Vecchi M.A., Zambonelli C., 1962. I microbi dell'ape regina (Apis mellifica L.) — La flora microbica del mesointestino. Annali di microbiologia, vol.12, n°4-5, 165-174
Series/Report no.: Bures-B1277
Abstract: The bacterial flora of the mid-gut of a lot of 100 queen-bees in normal health conditions and taken from different hives was investigated. From 44 queens, 62 isolates of aerobic bacteria were obtained: among them 41 strains were recognized as representatives of the genus Achromobacter while other 18 belong undoutebly to the genus Brevibacterium. The frequency of their incidence in the midguts, the diversity in hosts provenience and the largerly variable conditions of their sampling and expedition are elements sufficient to warrant the conclusion that the bacteria are not harboured incidentally in the mid-gut of these insects but they may multiply although moderately or at least survive in this habitat without any damage fr host organism.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2174/511
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