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Title: Acetylcholine in the larval food, honey, and stored pollen of a stingless bee, Melipona quadrifasciata
Other Titles: Acétylcholine dans la nourriture des larves, le miel et dans le pollen emmagasiné chez une abeille mélipone , Melipona quadrifasciata
Authors: Welsh, John H.
Nogueira-Neto, Paulo
Jaeger, Celso P.
Ancona Lopez, Ana Amelia
Issue Date: 1965
Citation: Welsh J.H., Nogueira-Neto P., Jaeger C.P., Ancona Lopez A.A., 1965. Acetylcholine in the larval food, honey, and stored pollen of a stingless bee, melipona quadrifasciata. Bol. Fac. FiL, Ciên. Letr. Univ. S. Paulo n° 287, Zoologia n° 25, 105-131,
Series/Report no.: Bures-B3040
Abstract: 1) Using several methods, the larval food of Melipona quadrifasciata was found to contain amounts of acetylcholine estimated to range between O. 5 and 2.0 mg. equivalents of acetylcholine chloride per gram of larval food. Similar amounts have been reported for the larval food of the honey, bee, Apis mellifera. 2) The larval food of M. quadrifasciata was also found to contain a large amount of choline and an unidentified substance that was soluble in ethanol, gave a blue fluorescence, reacted with Dragendorf's reagent, and had a weak acetylcholine-like action. In one sample of larval food, a substance with the properties of glycine betaine was also found. 3) Samples of stored pollen were also found to contain acetylcholine, choline and the unidentified substance. 4) One sample of M. quadrifasciata honey contained 8 p,g. of acetylcholine per gram of honey. 5) In two lots of adult M. quadrifasciata, much more acetylcholine was found in abdomens than in heads or thoraces. 6) Anthers and pollen of several species of trees and plants have all been found to contain choline. Some also contain acetylcholine and glycine betaine, while all yielded the unidentified, bluefluorescing material. 7) It is suggested that the acetylcholine and other quaternary bases that are to be found in the larval food of M. quadrifasciata are derived from the pollens on which these bees feed; that they are conserved and concentrated in the digestive tract and transferred by the nurse bees to the larval food.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2174/353
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