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Title: How long do honey-bees carry germinable pollen on them ?
Other Titles: Combien de temps les abeilles domestiques transportent-elles le pollen susceptible de germer sur elles ?
Authors: Kraai, A.
Issue Date: 1962
Citation: Kraai A., 1962. How long do honey-bees carry germinable pollen on them ? Euphytica 11, 53-56
Series/Report no.: Bures-B420
Abstract: Bees are used to pollinate plants in isolation cages. Usually the bees have previously flown about freely in the open air and may have gathered pollen from the same plant species. Now the question arises whether the bees can contaminate with this pollen plants with whick they are enclosed in an isolation cage. In this connection a number of experiments were undertaken to find out how long bees are loaded with germinable pollen. It appeared that the risk of contamination was practicalIy eliminated by keeping the bees in a house or empty isolation cage for 12 hours.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2174/334
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