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National Institute of Agronomic Research - Avignon, France
This site archives collections of digital documents of research units
Technical or advisory publications
non-published documents such as thesis, reports, conference papers or lectures
methodologies & knowledge or practical abilities
images collections
Open access to full texts or materials is prevailing. Access is reserved for some collections concerning working-documents sharing by laboratories or researchers' digital working spaces.

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Abeilles et Environnement
Assurance Qualité en Recherche au centre INRA d’Avignon
Cucurbitaceae 2008 - IX EUCARPIA Meeting - Avignon 21-24 May 2008
Fruits and Vegetables Networks and Working Groups / Fruits et Légumes : réseaux et groupes de travail
IFP/PFI 2008 - VII Conference on Integrated Fruit Production. 27-30 octobre 2008, Avignon (France)
Inra Avignon - Information Scientifique et Technique (Accès réservé)
Pôle Production Horticole Intégrée (PHI)


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