Welcome to SOLstIS
The tomato proteome database of INRA.

The Fruit Quality Research group is one of the teams in the Genetic and Breeding of Fruit and Vegetable Research Unit of the INRA Research Centre of Provence, Alpes, Côte d'Azur. We are developing a proteomic approach to the genetic analysis of tomato organoleptic and nutritional quality. Most of our experiments combine two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (2-D PAGE) for protein separation and mass spectrometry (MS) for protein identification.

SOLstIS distributes our experimental results and give access to our database.

PROTICdb access

PROTICdb is a tool developed by INRA that we have chosen for storing and processing our proteomic data. With this tool you will access data from our experiments as they are recorded in our lab database. You can launch queries which return sets of data or interact with the images of our E2D gels.

SOLstIS web services (not yet available)

We are also developing an alternative way, powered by a set of web services, to retrieve our experimental data. Our aim is to export from our PROTICdb database datasets including experimental plans. For instance, if you want values of "normalized spot volume" for spots identified as "Acid beta-fructofuranosidase precursor" from one of our experiments, you will get a dataset with the values of this trait for all combinations of factors of this experiment.

These Biomoby web services could be called by tools such as Taverna or Remora to build your own workflows. They will also be called by a final user interface that will be installed on this site, SOLstIS-GUI.