The ReSeDA project

Several European institutes and companies are currently involved in a project called: Assimilation of Multisensor & Multitemporal Remote Sensing Data to Monitor Vegetation and Soil Functioning, of which the acronym is ReSeDA (Remote Sensing Data Assimilation). The project is being carried out in the Environment and Climate research and technological development programme of DG XII of the European Community. On these Web pages we intend to expound on the objectives and the means of this project.

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Here we present the chapters of the ReSeDA pages:

By the description of the project and of the partners we have tried to follow the recommendations of the Centre for Earth Observations (CEO) on metadata (see their info on the web). In March 1998 the CEO published its Metadata Recommendation Valids (Doc. Ref.: CEO/UIS/1400/270). This document contains the controlled lists that have been used at several locations on this site. It can be found at

The content of the pages will change during the course of the project. Some of the pages can be modified on short notice and quite frequently; others will stay more or less the same. So we invite you to visit this site from time to time to stay up to date with new developments!

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