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Genetics and Improvement of Fruit and Vegetables


Our unit of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA, France) carries out research on Solanaceae (tomato, pepper, eggplant and potato), melon, lettuce and on Prunus (peach and apricot). About 100 permanent staff are clustered into six research groups and experimental facilities.

Our work contributes to the key focus area of the Plant Biology and Breeding research division of INRA.

The unit is a member of the 'PACA' INRA regional centre. The 'PACA' regional centre is made up of three poles, Integrated Horticultural Production (PHI), Adaptation to Global Change (ACG) and Plant Health (PSP). We are part of the Integrated Horticultural Production (PHI) pole.

Our news

Two thesis have recently been defended by:

  • Vincent Truffaut the 12th of november: "Oxidation and degradation of ascorbate in tomato and impact on growth and metabolism".
  • Camille Gauffier the 24th of november

Four research themes

  • Genetic diversity and molecular evolution
  • Resistance to plant bioaggressors
  • Genetic and molecular bases of the fruit quality in a stressfull environment
  • Variety innovations of Prunus and tomato


Six groups

 Flyer (pdf)

Domaine Saint Maurice
67, allée des chênes
CS 60094
F-84143 Montfavet cedex
tél : 33 (0)4 32 72 26 60
fax : 33 (0)4 32 72 27 02


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